Casino Players

The Richest Casino Players In The World!

The Richest Casino Players In The World!

A casino is a place where people might gain profits or recur losses. No one knows what might happen in the game or the next move; sometimes, it depends on the player; on the other hand, sometimes it depends on luck or fortune or game. Gambling is all about prediction, intuition, and cleverness. One needs to either have luck or fortune or should know gaming strategies. Despite considering all these aspects, some casino players have used their strength, cleverness, fortune, and plans to succeed in their lives. We present to you the wealthiest casino players in the world! Take a look at them!

Card Games

  • Patrick Antonius: Patrick Antonius is a Finnish poker player who originally started with an absolutely unique game known as tennis. After he was injured with a cut on his skin, his career became limited, and that is when he started to gamble in casinos and began playing poker. Furthermore, he continued playing poker in international and larger tournaments; right now, his net worth is about $25 million!
  • Tony Bloom: Tony Bloom, well-known as “the lizard bloom”, is known for his sports and poker betting. He has not only made it into the World Poker Tour but has also launched his casino sites online. He is currently a majority shareholder of the Belgian football club and the Brighton and Hove Albion football club chairman. His net worth is about $1.7 billion!
  • Bill Benter: With a net worth of about $1 billion, Bill Benter is undoubtedly one of the most successful gamblers in the world. He began his casino career by playing and betting in blackjack. Right after he read “Beat the dealer,” he started to gain fame as the best blackjack player in every casino; but, eventually, got banned in every possible Las Vegas’s casino as they concluded that he was card counting. However, it is rumoured that he gains over $100 million every year because of his business ventures. Currently, he has shifted his gambling career towards horse racing.

Table Games

  • Alan Woods: With a net worth of AUD 670 million, Alan Woods was said to be one of the professional and official gamblers in the world before 2008, before his death. The most exciting part is that he is still considered the wealthiest gambler in the world due to his net worth! Initially, he tried to play and place bets upon poker but did not become successful. Later, he tried his hand at the blackjack tables and played the game for three years professionally. As he was a fan of card games and learned how to count cards, the game became easy for him, which led him to his success story, even today!

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